Salutations! My name is Kylie and I live by the light of my laptop in my dark and rainy homeland. I love all of my tumblr fandoms, Superwholock and everybody else, I really love you all. I am extremely nerdy about Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and many more. I think my fez and tokidoki Cyclops shirt make me look mature. I love fashion, coffee, tea, and typography but I would trade it all for more episodes of Doctor Who. I also am a huge fan of videogames, I played MechAssault, Halo, and Morrowind as a tot and these days I am still into Elder Scrolls, Halo, Bioshock, and recently Call of Duty. Currently going to college while I’m in high school to get my Associates Degree of Arts and Sciences, I may go into graphic design. Also working to figure out this whole growing up thing, I have to say I am not a fan. If you know me in real life congratulations you now have solid evidence that I am weirder than you previously thought. Feel free to inbox me stuff, I’m friendly. Oh and you get a gold star for reading this whole thing.


My BFF Coming out to her 89 Year old Grandmother

BFF: Grandmother I need to talk to you

Grandma: [concerned voice] What? What is it? Are you sick?

BFF: No, no. Grandma. I'm gay.

Grandma: What?

BFF: I'm gay Grandma. I have a girlfriend now.

Grandma: [relieved voice] Oh honey, is that all? I thought you had cancer. Anytime someone needs to tell me something they are sick. Who's your girlfriend, when is her birthday? I'll bake her a pie.


Baljeet: Boo! Boo, I say!
Phineas: Baljeet?
Baljeet: Oh, I am not Baljeet. I am the scariest thing known to man: a failed math test.
Phineas: Yeah, right. We’re just gonna move on now.
Baljeet: You can run, but it won’t be to the college of your choice, I tell you!

I used to think that this was an exaggeration

I was wrong


sorry! your password must contain at least seventeen roman numerals and the entire script of shrek the third

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how to pick up CHICKS!!


  • cup your hands around them protectively
  • lift them from the ground
  • gently kiss their fuzzy heads
  • say “peep peep” calmingly so as not to be pecked
  • peep peep

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So my university had a ‘stress-free resort’ station set up today to help students combat the stress of finals week.
There was a coloring table
complete with Lion King coloring books
There was a lego table


also, free massages. 

This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in four years of college. 

Our school should do this

can my high school have this? Seniors are stressing like crazy.




Pepper and friends explore where no chickens have gone before as far as she knows in her nugget box space ship. Tiny pretend space explorers!

these chicken nuggets are fucking raw get me the manager

In the delivery room


mother: is it a boy or a girl?

doctor: *puts baby between teeth* it’s a metaphor


i feel like my action movie hero potential is really hampered by my refusal to learn to drive a stick shift 


"Condoms don’t work."

"Your first time is supposed to hurt."

"It’s not really sex if there’s no penetration."

"Girls don’t masturbate."